Looking for an effective, low-cost platform to launch a shared mobility initiative, renting assets or manage a fleet of machines?
Welcome to our cutting-edge Fleet Management service
that provides seamless solutions for all your fleet and asset management needs.

With our fleet management services, you can opt for fully connected vehicles, or we can easily integrate with your existing IoT platform.

Your fleet can be seamlessly transferred to our platform, providing you with an efficient and hassle-free experience.
We know how important it is for you to showcase your brand to your customers in the best way possible.

With our Design It service, you have full creative control
to customize your app and the services you offer.

We also offer assistance in designing your app
and defining pricing plans, terms and conditions
to ensure that you're good to go.
We offer an array of Additional Services to ensure that you deliver quality service to your customers.

Outsource parts of your business to us, including customer service, technical support, or designing campaigns and market research, and let us take care of it for you.

Starting a business in the mobility industry can be challenging. If you lack previous expertise in mobility and are not sure how to get to the launch, fret not.

With more than 20 years of experience in establishing city bikes and mobility, we are ready to guide you every step of the way.

Experience the best in fleet management with our comprehensive services. Get in touch with us today

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“LISA has given us the possibility to tailormake the user interface and functionality so it meets our customers demand – and was chosen over Joyride, ATOM and other systems available for this reason. It is also very affordable and we feel in good hands with the LISA management team”
- Thomas O'Connel, CEO

MOBY BIKES is a fast-growing start-up with a presence in Dublin, London, and Utrecht. They are currently expanding to other cities internatonally. The companies first contract was in 2019 with MOBY MOVE, the Dublin electric bike share scheme, that have now expanded to other locations nationally. MOBY Delivery Fleets is the international B2B business, providing managed fleets to the world’s leading delivery companies, and MOBY is 100% LISA based for their expansion.

LISA has assisted in:
✔︎ Integrated bikes provision
✔︎ White label user app setup
✔︎ Customer service back end
✔︎ Customisation of platform
"in CityQ, we need something more than just fleet management, and LISA has managed to deliver just that. LISA understands the market in a way that no one else does, and has become a contributor to CityQ's success through expertise and experience."
- Morten Rynning, CEO/Founder CityQ

CityQ develops next-generation mobility solutions by making all-weather bikes that have room for more people or cargo. CityQ has focused on high uptime, minimal maintenance and low ownership costs. For riders, we are preferred for rider comfort and safety - as well as optimized for navigating high-density areas. CityQ is the future's answer to individual transport - in a comfortable way.

LISA has assisted in:
︎✔︎ White label user app setup
︎✔︎ Customer service back end
︎✔︎ Customer support
︎✔︎ Customisation of platform
"As a provider of bike sharing schemes, ShareBike is a typical customer for fleet management solutions. After searching for suitable solutions, ShareBike finally decided to participate in the development of LISA and currently LISA is used for all its fleets. LISA is exactly what you need, not more not less - and at the right price."
- Ketil Solvik-Olsen, Board member/former Minister of Transport

ShareBike is one of the very first suppliers in mobility and already in 2001 delivered the world's first automatic bicycle system of any size. The origin of ShareBike is a spin off of Clear Channel. The company has since built a significant presence and today has a leading position as an operator of traditional bike sharing schemes in the Nordics and in the UK.

LISA has assisted in:
✔︎Integrated bikes provision
︎✔︎White label user app setup
︎✔︎Customer service back end
✔︎Customer support
︎✔︎Customisation of platform
︎✔︎Outsourcing of operations
"LISA made it possible for The Big Issue to establish a new service within mobility without internal expertise or previous experience with mobility. The application has solved all the challenges we have had in offering our service in an excellent way and we have received incredible support from LISA's developers, so that we could quickly establish and start marketing the service."
- Paul Cheal, Group CEO

The Big Issues creates work opportunities for vulnerable groups of the population and goes further than charity through development and new jobs. In 2022, The Big Issue, which is widely known for their magazine, expanded its business with mobility. Through Big Issue eBikes, we manage to combine sustainability with our ambition to create jobs for those outside society. We call this "Biking for Good".
6 good arguments for your next
Bike and Scooter Sharing solution
  • Right Price
    Say goodbye to overpriced bike and scooter solutions! With LISA, you'll get the right price and unbeatable conditions that you won't find anywhere else.
    Our flexible solutions can adapt to your financial reality, making it even more affordable.
  • Flexibility & Control
    At LISA, we value our customers' input. Unlike other providers, we give you the power to influence the development of our platform. And, if you want to use LISA as a starting point for your own platform, it's available for purchase.
  • Marketing, Coupons & Referrals
    LISA supports promotions and sales provisions through our coupon and referral modules. Plus, it can easily connect to marketing platforms to create effective campaigns, so you can reach more potential customers.
  • Multi-Level Access
    LISA is built for your convenience. You can access a special scheme, city, country, company subscription or a specific type of vehicle - all without the clutter of irrelevant vehicles on a map.
  • Proven & Scalable
    LISA is currently operational in 4 countries, with a documented record of 100% uptime. Say goodbye to lost revenue and technical arguments between parties -
    with LISA, your bike and scooter sharing experience
    will always be smooth and hassle-free.
  • Overview & Navigation
    With LISA, we've combined the app with Google Maps for easy navigation. Discover or return to places by renting a bike or scooter, which the app can also refer to.
    You'll never get lost on the way to your destination again.

The solution can be provided as a white label, but can also be acquired as a platform for any operator’s own development.

It can be used with existing bikes, when retrofitted with IOT,

or with new integrated vehicles.

Get started with LISA today and experience

the ultimate bike and scooter sharing solution

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