• Fleet Management: Keep a comprehensive overview of your fleet, including vehicles, charging facilities, virtual zones, users, transactions and payments in real-time through a simple menu system.

  • Real-Time Data & Location: Stay updated on your fleet information through real-time communication with all components in the system.

  • Full Remote Control: Take control of your fleet from a distance with an interface that allow you to send commands to vehicles and stations.

  • Flexibility: Manage both free-floating and station-based fleets, with the ability to communicate with connected stations.

  • Charging Station Management: Monitor charging status and health indicators of selected charging stations remotely.

  • Virtual Zones: Create and communicate virtual zones to the user app in seconds and assign functions such as speed reduction or parking bans.

  • Dynamic Text Edits: Stay informed with up-to-date information as changes in app texts and maps are continuously updated.

  • 4-Dimensional Pricing: Adapt to any pricing model with a flexible 4-dimensional pricing structure.

  • Push Notifications: Stay informed with operational messages or marketing through push notifications on the app.

  • Multi-Site & Multi-Service: Offer different services across cities or within the same city through a single app with multi-site functionality.

  • Branded & Low-Cost App Options: Choose between a white-label app designed to your brand preferences or a low-cost multi-site app with faster integration and lower establishment fees.

  • Multi-Languages: Reach a wider audience with no restrictions on the number of languages supported, controlled by the user's language preference.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate the platform and app with ease and minimal training thanks to a simple, intuitive structure.

  • Simple User Registration: Streamline the registration process with an app that assists the user in less than two minutes.

  • Proven User Experience: Enjoy a well-received app with good results in user surveys for ease of use and clear interface.
  • Heat Mapping: Create heatmaps in an bespoke time window through a fixed report format.

  • Rent Tracking & History: Keep track of your trips and access historical reports or receipts at any time through a separate menu.

  • Tailor-Made Reports: Get a clear picture of your fleet and usage with customized reports.
  • Rides History: Keep track of previous trips and view a map sketch of your route.

  • Self-Service: Edit information about yourself through the app and save customer service the hassle of manual updates.

  • Rent Receipts: Withdraw invoices with specific VAT at any time through the app.

  • In-App Support: Access all necessary information including terms, private policy, FAQ, and quick guides within the app.

  • Error Reporting: Report errors or observations with ease through a separate menu item in the app, with the option to add images, text or scan QR codes.
  • Efficient Payment Options: The app offers both wallet and direct debit options for a seamless and cost-effective payment experience.

  • Multi-Currency Support: The platform is flexible and accommodates multiple currencies, providing a hassle-free user experience.

  • Comprehensive Financial Insights: Our third-party providers offer in-depth analysis of key financial metrics, such as turnover, customer retention, and resale analysis.
  • Verified User Identification: All users go through a secure SMS verification process, with additional options to verify email and other personal details.

  • GDPR Compliant: Our solution aligns with EU data security regulations, ensuring the privacy and protection of user data.

  • Hacker-Safe Technology: Our platform has undergone a rigorous penetration study by a trusted international consulting company, and consistently receives updates to maintain the highest security standards.
  • Personalized Customer Assistance: Our team provides phone and email support during European office hours to help operators resolve any user challenges.

  • Data Sharing Compliance: The platform is equipped with EU standard APIs for seamless integration with third-party applications and travel planning tools.

  • User Management: The user database can be easily exported and utilized for external services, providing operators with greater flexibility.

  • Multiple Vehicle Support: LISA supports a variety of vehicles and integrates with a range of IoT suppliers and producers, making it a versatile solution for multiple sites.

  • Advanced Parking and Speed Limit Functions: The app includes functional management for virtual zones, such as speed limits and parking restrictions.
  • Customizable Business Hours and Pricing: Customers have the freedom to adjust business hours and pricing models, and our team is available to provide expert assistance in finding the optimal strategy for your market.

  • Multi-Site Marketing: The multi-site capabilities allow for targeted marketing efforts for different cities and countries, providing greater control and communication opportunities with diverse segments.

  • Email Management Integrations: Data from LISA can be easily exported and analyzed and is integrated with Mailchimp as the preferred email platform.

  • Push Notifications: The app is designed to receive push notifications, providing users with relevant updates and information.

  • Referral and Coupon Programs: The app features a referral program and voucher campaigns, offering operators a powerful tool for active marketing efforts.
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